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March 18, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

Abandoned: Leader

“Miss me?”

Both Abel and Leil’s mouths practically hit the floor.  Finally, Abel spoke.  “Gil?  What the heck are you doing here?”  Gil smiled.  “I missed you, Leil!”  The guard, a guy named Tax, rolled his eyes.  “Actually, we picked up this guy at the slave auction.  Sham led an ambush, and now, we have a prisoner.”  Gil grimaced.  “Okay, so maybe that’s the actual reason I’m here.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss you!”  Leil laughed out loud.  “You’re kidding me, right?  You’re actually in love with me?”

“Well, why not?  You’re cute, funny…”

“And currently in a relationship!”  Tax blushed, obviously not wanting to be part of this conversation.  Before anyone could say anything else, the  once-automatic doors of the Toys R’ Us burst open.  Everyone, including Gil, ran for the balcony to see what was happening.  A mob of at least a dozen Sea Kings marched in.  Leading them was an older teenager, maybe eighteen.  Sham’s gathered militia could easily take them.  At least, they could have taken them, had the Sea Kings not all been holding portable flare launchers.  Just one flare could torch an entire floor, and the group didn’t seem to care.  The apparent leader waved his arms in a dramatic, welcoming gesture.  “Fear not!” he said in a New Zealand accent.  “I am Orson, leader of the Sea Kings!  There is no cause for concern!  I merely request half of your food, water, and medical supplies!”

Abel, Leil, and Tax looked at each other in disbelief.  Half of their food and water would knock them out for weeks, and they barely had any medical supplies as it was.  Gil, however, was just grinning.  The cavalry had arrived for him, and he was going to be leaving.  So he thought.  The truth was that, seeing as Gil had only been captured a half hour ago, Orson didn’t even know he was gone.  Gil, on the other hand, didn’t say anything, assuming that Orson knew he was here.

Abel and Tax ran to the bottom floor, while Leil stayed behind to make sure Gil didn’t try to get away.  It was mayhem down there.  The Sea King mob was ransacking the place, grabbing anything they could.  Luckily, they hadn’t fired their flares yet, but were using the launchers to knock people unconscious.  Sham and Orson were in the middle of a duel, each using some sort of weapon.  Orson had thrown down his flare launcher and was instead using a broom handle he had grabbed from a random basket.  Sham was fighting him off with a spear, attempting to stab him.

Abel tried to tackle one of the Sea Kings, but only got a nasty whack on the head with a flare launcher.  Tax, on the other hand, managed to use a metal box that was once used to store Nintendo games to knock a Sea King to the ground.  But the Sea King got up and ran away.  It must have taken half an hour for the militia to finally chase the Sea King mob out.  As they were fighting towards the entrance, Abel looked up towards the balcony.  Gil and Leil were standing together, but not looking at the battle.  Even though they were several stories up, Abel could see clearly enough what they were doing.

He threw down the Cabela’s Wii rifle he was holding and made a mad dash up the stopped escalators until he finally arrived on his floor. Then, he barged onto the balcony.  Leil pulled away from Gil, and looked at him, puzzled.  Gil, on the other hand, looked perfectly shocked.  Abel shouted at him.  “And just what do you think you’re doing?”.  Leil looked at Abel, the look in her eyes a little dull, even… Abel didn’t want to think about it.  If Gil had done what Abel thought he had done…  Abel threw himself at Gil, knocking him to the ground.  Gil’s face had switched from shocked to grinning.  He knew that Abel had seen them.  He wanted Abel to get angry.  Leil, on the other hand, let out a high-pitched shriek and tried to pull Abel off of Gil.

Finally, she succeeded.  Abel jumped off Gil and stood at the balcony, looking at the two.  Leil was caressing Gil’s hair, cooing to him like a mother to her child.  Gil was smiling like the psycho he was.  “Do you really think it was that hard, Abel?” he yelled at him, not caring who heard.  “It doesn’t take too many shots of sangria to get a girl drunk.  Don’t worry, it won’t hurt her, but she’ll have a heck of a hangover in the morning.”  Leil was oblivious.  Abel, on the other hand, charged Gil with renewed anger.  Gil got Leil drunk and seduced her.  He had seen a lot of lows in his life, but this topped it.

Gil leaped out of the way, but Abel stopped himself just before he hit an empty shelf.  He swung a fist at Gil, and he just barely connected with the Sea King’s shoulder, sending him sprawling.  Gil was down for the moment, but not out.  Instead, he got up and gave Abel a sly smile.  “Oh, but that’s not all!” he said, relishing the moment.  “I never really cared about that guy Orson.  Not much of a winner.  Takes one victory and wastes the spoils on his tribe.  So I was planning on abandoning him, maybe join those guys I hear about so often-the Cyberpunks.  They sound like a fun bunch.”  Abel couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Krios would never take you, Gil.  He’s more of a full-on kind of guy.  You fight your battles a little more selectively.”

“Getting psychological, are we?”

Then, there was the sound of boot steps.  Everyone whirled around.  Walking up one of the Lego aisles was none other than Orson.  He had salt and pepper hair, with three yellow lines of makeup running down from his forehead to the bridge of his nose.  Orson was decked out in black leather boots, with khakis and a camouflage jacket, along with a red t-shirt and leather gloves.  “So,” he said in a surprisingly American accent.  “Someone’s been planning on betraying the loyal crew of the Sea Kings?  I know Ray and Manta would be disappointed.”  Gil suddenly went pale, fear in his eyes.

“Orson, c’mon b-buddy, I was just jokin’ a-around.  Not Ray and Manta!”

Whoever Ray and Manta were, Abel did not want to meet them.  But he didn’t get time to think about it, because Orson suddenly raised his left hand.  Gil was standing right on the edge of the balcony.  Gil spat out one last sentence: “C’mon, mate!”, before a flash of white-hot heat flew through the air not five feet from where Abel was standing.  Everyone jumped back, but in a half second, the flash found its target.  Gil screamed, clutched the base of his chest, and tumbled over the balcony.  No one bothered to look down.  Not even Tax could survive a fall like that.  Orson lowered his hand, and Abel could see that he was holding a small red flare pistol.  Obviously, he had just shot Gil.

Orson stared at the two young teenagers.  “You two got lucky,” he said.  “I only wanted to shoot a traitor.”  Then, without another word, he simply walked away.  Abel shouted “Hey!” and ran after him, but Orson leveled the flare pistol at him.  Abel backed off.  Leil, on the other hand, was starting to get dizzy.  Abel put an arm around her shoulder, muttering curses.  Sham ran upstairs about two minutes later, out of breath from fighting.  “We managed to chase those guys out.  Where’s the prisoner?”  In answer, Abel pointed towards the balcony.


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