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April 28, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

Happy 5th Anniversary!

In case you don’t know, today is the fifth anniversary of Miles and His Favorites.  That’s a big milestone!  And we’ve come far, with several hundred thousand views and quite a few stories to tell!  Admittedly, I’ve been neglectful sometimes, and my stories aren’t always great, but it’s always a work in progress!  I tend to divide the blog’s history into three eras:

  1. The First Era.  This is at the very beginning of the blog.  My mom typed what I dictated to her, and what I came up with wasn’t spectacular.  Actually, I’m kind of embarrassed by it, but I was seven at the time!
  2. The Great Hiatus.  A few years into the blog, I wasn’t very active, not writing much, if at all.  But I came back, and in full force, with a slew of stories.  Prominent stuff at the time were my Fusionfall fanfics and the Rockborg Dave series.
  3. Modern MAHF.  This is right now.  I’m juggling some different stuff right now.  I recently finished the second season of Abandoned, and the Top Ten lists are going strong (though I am going to be doing more original stuff).  While I’m not publishing as much as I was just after the Great Hiatus, I still plan to write and write and write.
So what can we expect in the future?  Well, like I said before, more Top Ten lists (I’m trying to kick that habit, but it’s fun!).  The filler episode of Abandoned to tie the two seasons together should be coming soon, and Focus Omega (the Prehistoric Universe story arc featuring a child genius) is in the brainstorming stages.  But now, let us look to the past and see some of my more prominent posts!

Well, that’s the archival stories.  Now, without further ado:

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