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May 23, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

My Favorite Pixar Movies-Ranked!

Let’s face it-when it comes to animation, the Disney/Pixar collaboration kicked butt.  They made awesome movies, and said movies are still awesome today.  And I’ve seen most of them.  But what are my favorites?  This is my ranking of all the Pixar movies that I can remember seeing.  Some of my placements may shock you, some may anger you, and some you may just agree with, but this is my ranking of my favorite Disney/Pixar movies!  Coincidentally, I’ve seen ten of their movies, but this is more of a ranking then a top ten list.  But let’s go ahead anyway!

#10. Up.  Get your pitchforks and torches here-I’m not a huge fan of Up.  Don’t get me wrong, it still has its merits.  The animation is spectacular, the story is creative, and the jokes are good.  But for some reason, I just find it, well, bland.  I know they’re trying to work in the whole spirit-of-adventure thing, but it could have been done differently, and honestly, I wish it had.  Now, what if Carl was a kid who went on a big adventure?  That would be more interesting!  But, for what it’s worth, Up isn’t a bad movie by any means.  It’s just not my favorite.

#9. Toy Story 3.  Don’t deny it-there is at least one movie that has made you cry.  The Muppets had tears welling in my eyes, though they were tears of joy that the Muppets were coming back.  Toy Story 3 very nearly made me cry.  The animation is as good as any Toy Story movie-BUT IT’S SO SAD!!!!!!!  But, all in all, it’s a great movie, with a lot of heart and even a cameo by Sid!  He’s a garbageman!  Sad?  Yes.  A great kid’s movie?  Oh, yeah.

#8. WALL-E.  This movie is great.  It’s got an original concept, phenomenal animation, and on top of all that:

They hired HAL to be the ship’s pilot!  Regardless, I love this movie.  WALL-E is a charming character who actually feels a lot like E.T.  Was that the idea?  I especially like the scenes aboard the Axiom.  They’re funny and saddening at the same time.  Well done, Pixar!

#7. Ratatouille.  I mostly love this movie because of its originality, while still carrying a classic message.  Okay-a rat wants to become the next Julia Child, and he discovers that he lives right near Paris.  In case you didn’t know, PARIS IS THE CAPITAL OF GOURMET FOOD!  Anyway, he goes on a big adventure, and eventually manages to impress a super-famous food critic.  The animation is pretty good, though not the greatest I’ve ever seen, and the message-going outside the status quo to follow your dreams-is well conveyed.  Plus, my family owns a Ratatouille cookbook that we bought in the France pavilion at Epcot.  The omelettes are to DIE for.

#6. Toy Story 2.  This movie, while not as good as the original animated classic, still is charming and memorable.  We get to see the first appearance of living Barbie dolls, and of course, we are introduced to what I honestly consider to be a breakout character:

When has Jessie ever not been a funny character?  Plus, there’s a evil Buzz Lightyear, a Star Wars reference, and more Woody merchandise than you can shake a Stetson at.  It’s a fun movie, though not as good as the original.

#5. Cars 2.  This is actually a pretty decent Pixar sequel, and I like it for multiple reasons.  One, we get to see a much bigger glimpse of the Cars universe, which is always a treat.  Two, it’s funny.  Three, THERE’S FREAKIN’ GATLING GUNS, MISSILES, AND SECRET AGENTS!  Maybe people don’t like it as much as the first one because instead of Lightning McQueen (By the way, I seriously doubt that that’s his real name), the movie focuses on Mater.  Well, it does technically shift the spotlight, it’s really more about their relationship.  The two are a very good comedy duo, and it shows.  The two fight, make up, and in the end, there’s a fun confrontation.  Plus, the “Materhosen” gag never gets old.

#4. Cars.  With that said, I think the original is still better, but not by a long shot.  The story is better, and less outlandish than Mater becoming a secret agent.  I also like how Radiator Springs is a throwback to the abandoned tourist towns of the ’50s and ’60s.  The characters are great, the ending is great, and… well, everything about this movie is great!  Plus there’s the Lightyear tires and the Dinoco contract, which are fun nods to earlier Pixar movies.  But all in all, it’s just a whole lot of fun!

#3. Toy Story.  If you can think of a better tie-in merchandising ploy than talking toys, I’d like to hear it.  But regardless of the endless toy lines, Toy Story is just a really good, heart-packed movie with great animation and great acting.  Like Lightning McQueen and Mater, Woody and Buzz make a great duo, and their rivalry turned friendship is well paced.  The minor characters are funny, too, Hamm especially, seeing as he was voiced by the great John Ratzenberger.  And of course, who can forget that song?  “You’ve got a friend in me, you’ve got a friend in…”

#2. Finding Nemo.  Ellen DeGeneres voices a talking fish who can speak whale.  That alone should get you racing to the theater.  Finding Nemo is absolutely spectacular.  The animation-perfect.  The story-perfect.  The characters-perfect.  And it takes place in Australia, which in my book makes it 20% better.  Everyone has their own personality, and I like the unique little subplots (the sharks, the angler fish, the turtles) that Marlin and Dory have.  The way even the minor characters have their own distinct personalities is great.  What can you say, except: Great, great movie.

So, as you’ve probably guessed, the number one spot isn’t Monsters, Inc. or A Bug’s Life.  Which leaves just one option, and by God, it’s a good one.

#1. The Incredibles.  Heck yeah.  This was one of my first movies, so I guess you could say that the nostalgia factor comes into play, but even if it’s the most recent Pixar film you’ve seen, it’s still a really good one.  Here’s the plot: a family of superheroes has to save their father from a deranged fanboy-turned-supervillain.  *munch*  Oh, sorry, I just pulled out the popcorn, because I’m sticking around for this.  The Incredibles is also Pixar’s first real attempt at animating people, and they do it well.  It’s exaggerated, but not too much.  As people have said before, they look like 3-D cartoons!  The action scenes are well-executed, and if you don’t think this is awesome:

Then you have no soul.  This, combined with enough family drama to keep it from being a nonstop thrill ride (cool as that may be), makes The Incredibles, bar none, my favorite Pixar movie.

And those are the ten Pixar movies that I’ve seen-ranked!  Note: I am selling Frankentstein-themed mob supplies if you love Up.

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