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June 2, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Top Ten: Movies I Want To See

This is an odd list.  On this list, I’ll be counting down the top ten movies that I haven’t seen yet, but desperately want to for one reason or another.  Most of the time it’s because the film is so famous or classic, but occasionally it’ll be a personal preference.  So, without further ado, this is MAHF Top Ten: Movies I Want To See!

#10. Whale Rider.  It’s set in New Zealand, and is one of New Zealand’s most famous movies (other than a certain fantasy trilogy).  That’s pretty much all there is to it, and that’s pretty much why I want to see it.  It’s about a Maori girl whose grandfather doesn’t think that a girl should be the village leader.  You can guess where this leads: riding whales.  The main reason I want to see it is New Zealand (my favorite country in the world), but it’s a famous drama story that I think would be well worth watching.

#9. A Clockwork Orange.  While I want to see this movie badly, the main reason it’s so low is that, well… I won’t be seeing it anytime soon.  That is because I am twelve years old.  But can you blame a kid for wanting to see one of the most famous psychological thrillers of all time?  I talked about Alex and the government torturing him in my essay about child villains, so I do know a little about him.  I know, for example, that he’s a deranged and psychotic individual who sees an artistic value in doing wrong.  Honestly, his sly looks are half the reason I want to see the movie.  So, yeah-I pretty much want to see the movie for the villain.  Is that so wrong?

#8. The Ten Commandments.  Okay, so I’m an atheist, but I’ve heard so many good things about this movie that I definitely want to see it.  It looks epic, it looks memorable, and it basically looks like the kind of cinematic masterpiece that anyone can enjoy.  Charlton Heston, Vincent Price, and a ton of other stars all play characters.  It looks like a pretty complex movie, but I’m all for cinema that combines exposition and action.  That’s right, I like exposition!

#7. Forrest Gump.  A guy tells his story to some strangers, about how he met several presidents, fought in the Vietnam War, and witnessed some of the most famous events in U.S. history.  Now here’s a movie that I really want to see!  It seems like a really interesting story, especially since so many things happen that I actually know about, and some that I didn’t know about until I looked at Wikipedia.  It seems like a movie that’s just there to tell a simple story.  And that’s why I want to see it.

#6. To Kill A Mockingbird.  In the genre of courtroom movies, I’ve only ever seen Inherit The Wind, and I was satisfied.  But of course, there’s an even more famous courtroom drama that, of course, I absolutely have to see, if only to compare it to Inherit.  I think Inherit is more accessible, since I’m interested in the creation/evolution controversy, but the civil rights movement is of equal interest to me, and that’s what makes Mockingbird so appealing to me.

#5. Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Yes, I want to see one of the worst movies ever made.  Why?  Because it’s so dang silly!  The special effects are beyond terrible, the premise, while creative, is beyond terrible, and… well, everything is terrible!  Or so I’ve heard.  Which is why I want to see it for myself.  Is it really that bad a movie?  Yes, it probably is, but will that stop me?  No, it probably won’t.  Take that, Ed Wood!

#4. Lawrence of Arabia.  War, dunes, and CAMELS!  Yes, I don’t know too much about this historical classic, but it’s apparently one of the greatest movies of all time.  Then again, so is To Kill A Mockingbird and The Ten Commandments.  But this is still a pretty epic-looking movie.  I mean, it’s Lawrence of Arabia!  Just the name sounds like a great movie!  Yeah, I don’t know too much about it, but it’s set in the past and is on the National Film Registry.  I think that makes it worth it.

#3. Casablanca.  Let’s talk Nazis!  And the Great Movie Ride!  No, really, the most I’ve ever seen of Casablanca is the animatronic reproduction of the end scene at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  But just from that, it looks like a great movie.  Said to be the greatest romance of all time, I’m willing to put up with silly hats and the Nostalgia Critic’s comparison of the movie to Barb Wire.  Wait, no, that was the other way around.  Either way, I want to see this movie.

#2. The Bond films.  Is it unfair to put the entire James Bond filmography on this list?  Maybe, but I want to see every Bond flick that I possibly can!  Why?  IT’S FREAKIN’ JAMES BOND!  Plus, I have to appreciate the films’ creativity in villains, locations, and premises.  But it’s mostly the action scenes.  That and the Bond girls.  Solitaire, someday you will be mine!  Also, IT’S FREAKIN’ JAMES BOND!  What more do you really need?  These are the quintessential spy movies, the most famous of the most famous tuxedo-wearers.  They’re movies that I want to see, for a lot of reasons.

And the number one movie that I want to see, you might have guessed it (No, it’ isn’t 2001: A Space Odyssey), is:

#1. Citizen Kane.  I desperately want to see what even the American Film Institute calls the greatest movie of all time.   And come on, why wouldn’t I?  Greatest movie of all time.  Actually, my personal favorite is Avatar, but if I see this movie, my opinion just might shift.  According to my mom, I’m too young to fully appreciate the emotions in the movie, but I’m a kid who calls a six hundred page book pleasure reading!  If that isn’t sophisticated enough to understand the movie, I don’t know what is.  Bring it on, Citizen Kane.  Let’s see just how good you really are.  Rosebud…

And that’s the top ten list of movies that I really want to see, either for personal reasons or because they’re absolute classics.  When I do see these, I might not like them as much.  But if they’re good enough for the AFI, I can handle them!


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