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July 5, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

Mr. Bubbles, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Little Sisters

Remember how I promised that I wouldn’t do any sequels to my child villain essay?  Well, I cheated!  Now let’s talk about Bioshock!

For those of you who don’t know about this now-legendary video game series, allow me to explain.  It takes place in the ’60s, in an underwater city called Rapture designed by a guy named Andrew Ryan.  Rapture was a place where no scientist or artist was bound by morals or censorship.  Ryan got rich by making plasmids, chemicals that gave you superpowers-sort of.  But to make plasmids, he had to use this stuff called ADAM, which can be found in sea slugs.  Anyway, to harvest ADAM from dead bodies, he created the Little Sisters to get it.  He also developed the Big Daddies to protect them while they were harvesting.  To put things in perspective, here’s a photo of the average Sister/Daddy pair.

I guess calling Little Sisters cute is like calling Reagan MacNeil cute, but to be perfectly honest, I find them cute.  Well, they’re not exactly animal shelter commercials, but I have three reasons to consider them innocent.

  1. Their back story is actually kind of sad.  They were perfectly normal orphan girls, until some Rapture scientists placed an ADAM sea slug into their stomach, turning them into something out of The Grudge.  Plus, they went to this school with inhumanly cute posters like this:   Do I need to remind you that Big Daddies impale people with their drill arms?  Anyway, long story short, each girl had a sea slug planted in her stomach, and became one ghoulish little girl.
  2. Another incredibly cute thing about the Little Sisters is their dialogue.  YouTube “little sister dialogue” and listen.  These bits of dialogue include things like,”Come on Mr.B! The Angels are waiting for our kisses.” and “Daddy… you would never go away… right?”  This is cuteness beyond comprehension.  But I think the cutest part about the Little Sisters, the part that got me interested in this topic from the beginning, is:
  3. Their relationship with the Big Daddies.  Despite the fact that they’re seven-foot-tall guys encased in diving suits who make whale noises, the Little Sisters and the Big Daddies have a definite relationship, one that is both adorable and, at times, saddening.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at this screenshot!   If you looked up the dialogue, you would probably see that the Little Sisters mourn the loss of the Daddies, who they have actually given the world’s cutest nickname, Mr. Bubbles.
So that’s why I consider the Little Sisters to be cute!  No, I will not do a follow-up post!  I’m running out of kid villains here!

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