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July 27, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

The Dark Knight Rises: Better Than The Avengers?

Let me say right now that Batman is my favorite superhero.  He’s got the deep, dark backstory, the crazy, interesting villains, and of course, he’s got a legendary series of films.

Legendary does not necessarily mean good.  Anyway, I just got back from the final film of Christopher Nolan’s take on the bat, The Dark Knight Rises.  And seeing as how I haven’t seen the previous two films, I still really liked this one.  But can it hold its own against this year’s previous two superhero spectacles?  Let’s take a look.

First of all, there are a lot of great things about this movie.  The story is great, and really gripping, especially near the end.  The action scenes are also extremely well done.  The acting is top-notch, though as always, Christian Bale sounds like he’s gargling gravel.  But two things in this movie really stick out to me.  One is the actor who plays the main villain, Bane.  Oh my God, that voice is so scary.  Of the three superhero movies released this year, Bane is undoubtedly the scariest (though I think Loki might have been the best overall).  The other thing is what I really wanted to see this movie for-the epic final showdown between the GCPD and a huge army of revolutionaries and criminals.  And that scene doesn’t disappoint.  If anything, it’s better than I made it out to be.  So with all of this good stuff, you’d think it could possibly trump the spectacle of awesomeness that is The Avengers, right?  Wrong.

For all of it’s greatness, this movie is not the perfect conclusion to the trilogy, for one reason: it isn’t kind to those who haven’t seen the previous two.  There’s no recap (even though it could be cleverly done), no explanation for why Harvey Dent is dead, and why people blame Batman for it.  I could catch up, but a couple minutes of exposition wouldn’t hurt.  Also, it’s kinda confusing.  We have Bruce Wayne as a recluse because of depression caused by Dent’s death… I think.  We have a woman who’s made some kind of business deal with Wayne Enterprises regarding a potentially unstable but clean power source.  And then we have a side plot involving a prison, and Bane, and the woman, and… see where I’m going with this?

So, pros: gripping story, excellent action, genuinely scary villain, and really good payoff.  Cons: doesn’t help those who haven’t seen the first two movies, confusing plot details.  Overall, The Dark Knight Rises earns a very solid 8.9/10.  It’s a satisfying sendoff to fans, and even those who haven’t seen the films can still enjoy the action.  I recommend seeing it.  It may not be as good as The Avengers (if I were to rate it, it would be a perfect 10/10), but it’s still worth any comic book fan’s time.

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