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August 11, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

Nitor: A World of Light Part One

Occasionally, I daydream about worlds that I create in my mind.  This is one of them.  Just figured that I ought to get my thoughts down, so without further ado, I give you the new miniseries-Nitor: A World of Light!  P.S. Yeah, this is sort of inspired by Tron: Legacy, but I love that movie, so no harm done.


The planet of Nitor is an oasis in every sense of the word.  It is made up of one vast supercontinent, and one inky black global ocean.  Orbiting it are two small moons.  Nitor orbits no sun, drifting through the vast reaches of what its inhabitants (the human-like Nitorians) call the Borea, a seemingly endless plane of darkness, with nebulae and aurora borealis-like formations dotting the landscape.


The massive supercontinent known as Saxum covers nearly half of the planet, and is mostly made of frozen mountain ranges and taigas.  The coastlines are dotted with mile-high cliffs and city-sized coves, creating incredible scenery.  Several large forests dot the lowlands, and are home to some of Nitor’s most unique flora and fauna.  In the far west of Saxum, close to the coast, lies Besz, a mountain three times the size of Mount Everest.  The vast southern plains are home to several of Nitor’s major cities, as well as most of the large wildlife.

The Romuli Sea, a vast global ocean, is black as night.  Below the surface dwells a strange world, full of bioluminescent creatures and undersea volcanoes.  Several small island chains are spread throughout the ocean, but only one is inhabited, and almost all are just rocky outcroppings with little to no life on them.  The far northern coast is covered with glaciers, which are steadily creeping downwards at a rate of a foot a decade.


The skies of Nitor are pitch-black, and filled with incredible weather systems.  Lightning storms, cyclones, and hurricanes are a common sight, but pose little threat to the technologically advanced Nitorian megacities.  Truly incredible storms occasionally form off the coast of Saxum, covering large portions of the ocean.  Aurora borealis-like light shows are a common sight, especially in the taiga lowlands.


Nitorians, in many ways, resemble humans.  However, their skin tends to be incredibly pale, and like all life on Nitor, have bioluminescent markings that are unique to the person, like fingerprints.  Their race is incredibly advanced, farther than humans.  In the several thousand years of their existence, they have built cities of millions that stretch barely for several square miles, light-based weaponry, and advanced touch-sensitive holographic technology.  Their civilization will be further discussed in the third chapter of this guide.


The two moons of Nitor, Antrum and Nemus, are similar in size, but incredibly different in environments.  The slightly smaller one, Antrum, more closely resembles the mountains of Nitor, with tall peaks, deep canyons, and vast craters.  What makes Antrum unique is that the interior of the planet is criss-crossed with caves, home to small blind mollusks and crustaceans, fed by the multiple underground lakes and springs.  Despite nearly a dozen manned missions over a thirty-year period, only a small portion of the caves have ever been mapped.  Antrum is also rich with ore, and the Nitorian government has been considering establishing a permanent mining colony for some time now.

Nemus is the exact opposite, rich in life, covered in savannas, tropical rainforests, and several small seas roughly the size of Maine.  It has rich and diverse ecosystems, even more so than Nitor.  Several small research colonies exist on the moon, and supply runs are a common occurrence.  The life of both of these moons will be discussed in the second chapter.


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