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November 5, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Reviews: Wreck-It-Ralph

Ah, video games.  Since their heyday in the ’80s, they’ve been entertaining us through mindless violence and killing.  But this is Disney, so we’ll ignore the Mortal Kombats and Dooms and focus on bright, cheerful fare like Alien-esque first person shooters!  Okay… this is Wreck-It-Ralph!

The film centers around Wreck-It-Ralph, the villain in a campy 8-bit game that’s been around for thirty years.  But alas, Ralph wants more out of life than being thrown off high-rise condos every day, so he goes looking for-what else-a medal.  He goes to the fps Hero’s Duty, where he obtains said medal, but gets tossed into the IQ-point-destroying racing game Sugar Rush.  There, he meets a spunky girl named Vanellope (played by voter-ID-law-hater Sarah Silverman), who is essentially her game’s version of Missing Number, just more human-looking.  Ralph has to go up against the villainous King Candy (how creative), defeat the evil Cybugs, and find meaning in his life.  So, what’s good and bad about this one?  Pros:

  • Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman are freaking HILARIOUS.  They are the best characters, by far.  Jane especially pulls off the comical baddonkey that she always does perfectly, shooting pistols into the air just to kill a romantic moment.
  • Fantastic pop culture references, running the gamut from Lara Croft to The Wizard of Oz.
  • Incredible (and I mean INCREDIBLE) plot twist involving the main villain.  Seriously, it’s a good one.
  • Great CGI (this is DISNEY) and visuals.
  • The pathos is a little harsher than most kids films.  I personally like it, though it can be difficult to watch for some.
  • Venellope threatens to execute a bunch of people.  GREATEST DISNEY CHARACTER EVER.


  • Follows the Disney-type kids movie formula to a T.  Whether or not you forgive that is up to you, but it is beyond predictable.
  • The minor villains (a trio of spunky Sugar Rush racers) are pitifully uninteresting.  They’re not bad, just not well done.

The final rating for Wreck-It-Ralph is a solid 8.75/10.  While it’s somewhat predictable and not all the characters are well-done, it’s still a laugh-out-loud, enjoyable adventure that is a must-see if you have kids that like video games.  Or kids in general.


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