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December 14, 2012 / milesandhisfavorites

End of Line

This is a fanfic I wrote last summer during a creative writing course.  I do not own Tron: Legacy or any related properties.  Enjoy!

Castor looked down from his private quarters above the dance floor.  The club was his dream, his home, and the one thing he would never give up. Below, programs talked, danced, and drank.  He remembered one of the User metaphors: “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.”  Castor didn’t understand everything in that saying, but he knew what it meant.  And with Clu in power, it meant more than ever.

He touched a button on the wall, and a set of stairs lowered, leading into the club.  As he strode onto the floor, waving his cane about, tossing it from hand to hand, some programs cheered.  Some seemed apathetic, and many glared at him, jealous of the attention.  Castor, however, was trying his best not to look grim.  It had been many cycles since he had last heard from Quorra, and he was getting worried.  She could fend for herself, but still…

One of the programs, an old friend named Higgs, walked up to Castor, who had strode over to one of the wall-length windows overlooking the city.

“Castor, how are you doing, my friend?”

Castor sighed.

“Not as well as I used to, Higgs.”

“Why?  The club is doing incredibly well.”

“It’s just… you wouldn’t understand.”

“Tell me, Castor.  We’ve known each other for hundreds of cycles.”

“It isn’t important right now.  Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.”

The two walked over to the bar.  Castor tossed a few glowing coins onto the bar, and the helmeted bartender pocketed them.  He poured a few oddly colored drinks into a shot glass, mixed them with a glass stick, and slid it across the bar.  Higgs accepted, and downed it in one gulp.  A second later, the program blinked, and backed away.  Castor tried to grin.  Higgs had always had a problem with a shot of pure Lumin.  His brain shorted out for a second, and then he came back to his senses.  Higgs chuckled.  Castor tried to smile, but mostly just stared at the glowing bar.  Just then, a young woman with long blonde hair and black eyeliner walked over.  Higgs stood up, opened his arms.

“Dilitria!  You made it!”

Dilitira grinned, then was suddenly silenced as a red disk was shoved through her back, derezzing her almost instantly, the ghost of a smile still on her face.  Behind her stood a tall man with red lights, a black cape, and a formal expression.  Instead of panicking, everyone stared in shock at the murderer.  He began to speak, in a synthesized voice.

“By the sovereign order of Clu, this establishment is hereby under military control.  All of you are ordered to exit immediately.”

As the panicked stampede for the exits began, Castor and Higgs got swept up in the crowd.  The two could barely hear each other over the screams.  “Why do they want your club?” Higgs said.

“It’s the highest point in the city!” Castor responded.  “It’s the perfect observation point!”

“Why didn’t they take it before?”

“I have no idea!  Why would they want to kill Dilitria?”

“She was a figure in the resistance!”

“There’s a resistance?”

“There always has been!”

Then, the assassin, who had made himself nearly invisible among the screaming programs, derezzed Higgs.

“Higgs!  No!”

Castor, not knowing what he was getting himself into, dove for the assassin. The assassin dodged, and Castor was knocked to the side.  He managed to crawl over to the window, away from the program crowd.  Outside the window loomed a pair of huge Recognizers.  Each one carried a dozen guards, ready to fight.  Grabbing his disk, Castor shattered the window.  Aiming his cane at the Recognizer on the left, Castor pressed a button on the underside of the glowing rod, and it was instantly turned into a weapon.  Rapid-fire blasts of light shot at the Recognizer, derezzing two of the guards onboard.  Both ships started firing much larger blasts, one of which landed at Castor’s feet, knocking him backwards.  Castor fired one last shot at the control room of the Recognizer.  It hit right on target, sending the massive ship on a collision course with the other.  The two collided, exploding in a burst of code.  But Castor wasn’t done yet.

He saw that the assassin had climbed up into his quarters.  Castor ran up the stairs, grabbed his disk, and threw it at the assassin.  The assassin pulled out his own disk, and parried the blow.  Then, the two charged each other.  Castor and the assassin clashed disks, swiping at each other with incredible speed and force.  The assassin managed to nick Castor in the forearm, sending the entertainer staggering back, but not finishing him.  The assassin jumped on Castor, ready to finish the job.

“By the sovereign order of Clu, you are to hereby be derezzed for rebellion!”

Then, his face froze, his look of triumph turning into a look of shock and surprise.  He fell forward, and Castor could see the gash in the back of his neck.  Someone had hit him there with a thrown disk.  The assassin derezzed, and Castor stood up, still clutching his forearm.  He could fix that later.  Then he saw the program standing by the open window.  The program looked young, but Castor couldn’t make out anything else, because of the hood that covered the person’s face in shadow.  Then, she jumped out the window.  The hood fell away, revealing a short bob of jet-black hair.  As she activated her parachute, Castor ran to the window, staring in wonder.  Then, it clicked.


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