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January 6, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

Why I Love The Tribe Part Two: The Pilot

If you haven’t read the first part in my series about why I love The Tribe, then I recommend doing so right now.  Otherwise, I’m going to be doing a text recap of the first episode, with humorous commentary, because even though it’s my favorite TV show of all time, The Tribe isn’t perfect.  So, without further ado, let us begin!

After an intro that basically consists of the main characters walking on a beach interspersed with various images having to do with pandemics and evacuations, we see a girl named Trudy having a nightmare about her dead parents, wearing her finest Shilo Wallace makeup.  She is comforted by a boy named Bray, who says that there was nothing anyone could do.  However, the two have to leave Trudy’s home, since a tribe called the Roosters are closing in.  Bray says they should go to Sector 10, otherwise known as the City (actually Wellington, but they just call it the City).  Trudy says she doesn’t want to go there.  Her reasoning?  Locos.  Real specific.  But they decide to go anyway, because Bray says so.

Meanwhile, in the City itself, we see two things of interest.

  1. A freaking COW just trotting through the streets, and yes, this will affect the plot of the show.
  2. And a little girl clutching a teddy bear standing in the middle of the street, listening to an oncoming police siren.

We then see several Locos roller-skating through the streets, and two teens, Amber and Dal, hiding from them.  Then, from around a street corner emerges a graffiti-covered police car, with the leader of the Locos, Zoot, and his wife/concubine/person Ebony at the helm!  Cue Imperial Death March music.  We then cut to (there’s a lot of cutting in this episode, since several storylines are slowly intersecting) Trudy and Bray hiking towards the city, and subsequently hiding from some Roosters.  Most of these scenes are pretty unimportant, except this one introduces what I like to call the Tribe Law of Hiding In Plain Sight and Yet Still Not Being Seen.  Pretty self-explanatory.

We cut back to Amber and Dal, who are hiding from the Locos in an alleyway, behind some cardboard boxes.  Maybe IKEA sponsored this apocalypse.  Anyway, cut to a railroad yard, where four kids (Lex, Ryan, Glen, and Zandra) are waiting for the Locos to arrive.  Apparently they’ve made a deal to join up with them in exchange for electronics.  Dude, you’re practically reaching behind you to stab your own back.  Lex and Glen are arguing about whether or not Zoot and his entourage will show up, and cut (AGAIN) to Bray and Trudy’s Excellent Adventure.  You know, hiking in New Zealand is a lot more entertaining when there’s an epic soundtrack playing and you’re trying to destroy the One Ring.  This time, they spy on a couple guys fattening up a pig for eating.  Fascinating.

Back in the city that clearly wasn’t built on rock and roll, Amber and Dal are talking about escaping the City, still in the alleyway, when Amber spots the girl picking up a stray cat.  Risking life and limb, Amber goes out into the street, and pulls the girl into the alleyway.  Cut back to Bray and Trudy as they finally approach the City, and cut to the troublesome foursome in the railway yard.  Lex and Glen get into a fight, which is cut short by the arrival of the crazy dude with contacts, Zoot!  Lex offers electronics, but Zoot demands food, which Lex reluctantly hands over.  Ryan assaults, Zoot, and the two groups get into a chase.

Meanwhile, back in the alleyway of hiding, the little girl introduces herself as Chloe.  Chloe offers to lead Amber and Dal back to her friends, who are at a playground somewhere.  However, this is a point of contention among Amber and Dal.  Cut to the four being chased by the Locos.  As they climb a chain link fence, Lex decides to be a jerk and knocks down a pile of boxes, trapping Glen with the Locos, who appear to go all George Romero on him.

Chloe, Dal, and Amber are making there way towards Chloe’s friends, while Amber and Dal talk/argue about Dal’s plan of leaving the city and moving out into the countryside.  It quickly descends into a bit of aggressiveness, but they find Chloe’s friends, who are playing on some playground equipment Fisher Price would laugh at.  Back with the foursome-now-threesome, Lex, Ryan, and Zandra are hiding in a car, which won’t start.

Chloe’s friends, Salene (their caretaker) the siblings Patsy and Paul, and their dog Bob (with blue makeup around one eye), as well as Amber and Dal, are suddenly confronted by Lex and friends, who attempt to intimidate them out of their food.  However, over a nearby fence, a bunch of Loco heads pop up like some post-apocalyptic barbershop quartet.  Everyone makes a run for it, the two groups separating.  Lex’s band runs into a roving bunch of Demon Dogs, the rivals of the Locos, and the pursuers have a little battle.

Amber, Dal, Salene and the rest wander into a shopping mall, where we see an ominous hand consider pulling a lever of unknown purpose, then decides not to, since most of the group is made of little kids.  Back to Lex, Ryan, and Zandra, who come across Chloe’s teddy bear (which makes a strange tin can noise), and put two and two together.  They confront Amber’s group for a second time, but are stopped by metal gates that suddenly come down and trap them.  Apparently Thing imprisoned them.

Jack, the owner of the mall, sort of, shows himself, wearing the strangest of all headgear and sporting the lispiest of all accents outside of a Mara Wilson movie.  Meanwhile, we FINALLY get back to Bray and Trudy.  Bray leaves Trudy in a sewer pipe, while he goes off to find food.  Back at the mall, Jack puts the group up for the night, and apparently IKEA DID sponsor this particular apocalypse.  They decide to leave Lex’s merry crew in the makeshift prison, but Chloe is upset, since she can’t find her teddy bear.  Priorities.  Lex continues to make a fuss, and a siren outside signals that the Locos are near.  That was the first episode, and it… was fine.  Granted, it jumped between storylines a little too much, but it’s pretty easy to follow once you get used to it.  Stay tuned for the final part!


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  1. Sandra / Mar 24 2013 7:25 pm

    Cloe* hehe.

    I love this! This was really funny written.

    • milesandhisfavorites / Apr 10 2013 1:55 am

      Thank you! I appreciate it.

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