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June 28, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

18 Metro Rides: HALLELUJAH

This title is not because it’s Friday, and therefore marks the end of my volunteer week (except for next week, when I will probably never get a Metro seat ever because July 4th), although that’s great and all.  It’s because, well, it was raining.  This wasn’t some drizzle that would provide relief after some serious hot weather.  This was right-in-your-face, hide-yo-things-that-can-be-damaged-by-water, thunder-every-few-milliseconds rain.  That kind.

Also, for the last couple of days, we’ve been working on an enrichment item for one of the big cats, specifically a paper mache pig for a female tiger, and I’m sorry if I spelled that wrong.  However, when the moment of truth came, the tiger did diddly-squat.  It mostly just knocked the item around and dented it a little.  That’s all.  We were all quite disappointed.

And of course, DA RAIN.  It was mind-boggling.  It really started during dismissal, where I used my leopard-print umbrella and the shade of the tree to protect myself, all the time muttering “Moses supposes his toeses are roses but Moses supposes erroneously” like some Gene Kelly-loving madman.  Given that my favorite movie is Inherit the Wind, that isn’t all too far off.  And then I sullenly marched the several blocks to the Metro station, attempting to hold on to my copy of A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin.  Murgh.  Plus, half my shorts got wet when I put my umbrella in my pocket.  Again, murgh.  Murgh.


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