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June 30, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Reviews: World War Z

Brad Pitt saves the world from zombies that are better suited to 28 Days Later than an adaptation of a book by the son of Mel Brooks!  Yes, this is an actual movie, but it’s not as bad as you might think!  It’s just sorta bad!

As you probably know, I love Max Brooks’ zombie novel/account/thing World War Z, documenting the aftermath of a global zombie epidemic that nearly wiped out humanity and caused a major geopolitical shift.  Russia is now a theocratic empire, Cuba is the center of the global economy, and the world’s most heavily populated city is Lhasa.  The movie, however, is almost completely different.  Instead of slow, shuffling, George Romero-like zombies, we have fast ones that turn almost immediately, as opposed to over the course of about 24 hours.  Instead of following many stories, we primarily follow Brad Pitt’s character as he criss-crosses the globe from South Korea to Israel to somewhere in… Scotland, I think?  *checks Wikipedia*  Wales.  Cardiff, specifically.  So, yeah, as an adaptation of the book, it crashes and burns more than… nah, spoilers.

However, as a movie, it might just be worth a watch, if not in theaters than as a rental later on.  Granted, the ending is rather convoluted.  SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS: it turns out that if you inject yourself with, say, a fatal disease, the zombies will avoid you, like predators avoid sick animals.  Ignoring the fact that often sick animals are TARGETED by natural predators since they’re weaker, and ignoring the fact that you can’t just give everyone on earth, say, SARS, that wasn’t bad, and led to a decent and tense scene.  And, yeah, at some points the movie put me on edge.  There was a legitimate jump scare every now and then.  And of course, there are some impressive CGI landscapes, and some epic music, which is pretty much the secret to mass appeal nowadays.  So, anyway, pros:

  • Really tense at some points.
  • Triple-A special effects (except for the occasional obvious CGI)
  • A decent score
  • Actually, I forgot to mention: the opening credits are REALLY good.


  • Unforgivable disloyalty to the book (some elements, even an entire character, are kept, but overall, it’s a disappointment to me, a fan of the book).
  • Poor pacing, with too much jumping around and not enough established characters or settings.

Overall, while the problems may seem outnumbered compared to the good things, I’m gonna give World War Z a 5/10.  It’s decent at it’s best, mediocre at its worst, and if you go in expecting a loyal adaptation, you will likely have a heart attack.  Or possibly a brain attack.  BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII nah too clichéd.


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