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July 1, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

18 Metro Rides Day 6: I’m Baaa-aaack

And so begins my second and final week of being a FONZ class aide!  I am apparently part of a K-1 (oh dear) group called Birds of a Feather, which is the most obvious name ever, so I won’t even tell you what it’s about.  But I’ve been having a rather… bizarre day today, and not just because I’m sitting here watching Minecraft videos while thinking about dubstep songs inspired by alien names from Halo (Kig… YAR!  Wub-wub-wub-wub-wub-wub what is going on).  Also, because for one thing, everyone in the group had to wear ponchos for a fair portion of the day.  Why?  It was STILL raining, albeit not as bad as on Friday.  We were essentially wearing garbage bags.  It was large, wet, and not all that fun.  Plus, I was using a leopard-print umbrella, making the situation even stranger.

Not only that, but near the end of the day, not one, but TWO lunchboxes were dropped in the bushy barrier between the electric fences of the Red River Hog exhibit and the sidewalk.  That is a DEEP barrier, by the way.  I assume that they were pulled out, but I still don’t know.  We also beheld massive nests in the bird house’s Outdoor Flight Exhibit (think the Pteranodon scene from Jurassic Park III, only instead of Pteranodon, it’s peacocks and ducks), saw komodo dragons, discussed the prisoner’s dilemma, the Ship of Theseus, and the social contract with a fellow class aide, held some hands, and rode a carousel version of a California sea lion.  None of this was made up.  At all.  I swear to you.

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