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July 2, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

18 Metro Rides Day 7: And Then There Were Fourteen

So, there we were, all sixteen of us, having just finished our trip to the Bird House.  We saw everything from macaws and toucans to ducks and pygmy birds of prey, and we had failed to see an emu named Darwin who is in an outdoor exhibit with tons of tall grass.  Then, out of nowhere, someone comes up to the group.  He (or she, my memory fails me here) says that he saw two kids in green baseball caps (standard kit for our summer day campers) inside the bird house.  One of the other class aides does a head count.  There are sixteen campers in our group.  The aide only counts fourteen.  We’re lost two kids.

Fortunately, they were found within half an hour, the class was reminded about staying together, and we got back in time for lunch.  The incident was forgotten, and there were no Agatha Christie plots to be found.  However, something ELSE of note did happen.  For some reason, my phone decided to randomly turn itself on several times, heavily wasting my battery life.  Fortunately, I got a text off to Grandpa that if I don’t text him when I get on the train, to still show up at the station.  He did so, and all was well.  Except for that 1800s shipwreck near the American Trail and the black cloud over Amazonia.

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