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July 3, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

18 Metro Rides: Kiwis, Cosplay, and the Home Stretch

Kia ora!  (This will make sense in a second.)  Today was the penultimate day, and things went pretty well.  And by pretty well, I mean WE GOT TO SEE A KIWI.  AND I TOOK A PICTURE.  AND IT WAS A PRETTY BAD PICTURE BUT NEVER MIND THAT A KIWI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, that happened.  It was a special demonstration for our group at the Bird House’s resource room, which is about the size of a small camper van and contains more ornithological data than… a place that contains large amounts of ornithological data.  Mostly there was a bunch of stuff about kiwis, which is fitting, because it was right by the Brown Kiwi exhibit (The Brown Kiwi is probably what you think of when you hear the word “kiwi”.  They dwell on the North Island of New Zealand, which I know because as you probably know by now, I LUVS NEW ZEALAND.), which held one or two kiwis.  The kiwi that we saw (transported into the research room in a small, dark wood box and placed in a large, topless glass box with dirt and worms in it) was just over a year old.  His name is Pip (which is unlike most zoo kiwi names, in that it doesn’t sound much like Maori), and he handled the whole thing pretty well.  He ate some worms, and scampered around a bit while I fawned over him because A) New Zealand and B) he was totes adorbs, so to speak.

On a random note, as we were walking back from the bird house (no losses this time), I saw four teen-to-young-adult-looking girl/women walking down the Olmstead Walk.  Here’s the strange part-they were all wearing devil horns, wigs, and one was dressed in an exaggerated purple and white dress.  Upon questioning another class aide, I discovered that they were apparently cosplaying as characters from Homestuck, which is a thing I didn’t know about.  How random.  And that’s about it.  I have the 4th of July (Happy Japanese Internment, Supposed Right to Slavery, and Trail of Tears Day!) off tomorrow, and then MY LAST DAY.  Till then, E noho ra/haere ra!

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