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July 13, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Reviews: Pacific Rim

Ah, kaiju movies.  You are a never-ending source of rubber-suited fun.  Until Guillermo del Toro turns you into a modern-day CGI-heavy epic action movie.  Then you are a never-ending source of PURE GLORIOUS AWESOME.  Yeah, like most people, I loved this movie.  I’ve heard it compared to Spielberg movies, in that it’s an original and accessible escapist flick that gets down why your average moviegoer goes to the movies.  That is correct.

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, our story is about a future war between humans and interdimensional giant monsters known as kaiju.  To combat this threat from a huge rift in the Pacific, the nations of the world got together and built a ton of giant robots called Jaegers that operate under a concept pretty much lifted from Avatar and then doubled-dual mind control.  Two pilots sharing both memories and movements, controlling one huge robot.  At first, the Jaeger program was quite successful, turning pilots into rock stars.  However, as the war dragged on, the nations of the world once again got together and said: “Hmmm, the kaiju seem to be adapting to our strategy.  Let’s build some huge, easily wrecked walls directly on our coastline and see how that works out!”  So, the remnants of the program revive several pilots and the last Jaegers are forced to try and get rid of the dimensional rift once and for all.

The number-one thing everyone seems to be saying about this movie is how friggin’ epic the action scenes are.  They are indeed as friggin’ epic as everyone has been saying they are.  In fact, it’s harder to describe the amount of cheesy epic thrown into these scenes than it was for Lovecraft to describe… well, just about anything.  They look great, too, with some top-notch visual effects that easily deserve an Oscar.  Not to mention some great (if kinda clichéd, but the female lead feels like the next Ripley) characters, and really creative ideas, like a kaiju parts black market.  Because these things are generally short, let’s get to the pros and cons.  Pros:

  • Stunning visuals and action scenes
  • Fun characters, with Rinko Kikuchi especially doing a kick-butt job as the female lead
  • Ramin Djawadi of Iron Man and Game of Thrones fame does a great job on the soundtrack


  • Some plot snafus that are to be expected.  For instance, that Jaeger sword is a really nice piece of weaponry.  Why don’t you open with that?
  • The characters can be a tad clichéd sometimes, but it’s forgivable when they are so likable.

Pacific Rim is a triumphant and exhilarating thrill ride from start to finish, with likable characters and the best action I’ve seen all year.  I give it a full 9/10, because it deserves it.


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  1. CMrok93 / Jul 13 2013 9:18 pm

    Character-development may blow, but at least the action is thrilling enough to hold you over. Nice review Miles.

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