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July 28, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Reviews: Quarantine Book Two

I would have published this review a few days ago, but me and the family were in the lovely and miniscule state of Delaware, where since our rental house had no WiFi, we had to use Mom’s Droid network, which if we spent too much time per day on the web, was a huge drain on our ability to do so more often.  But, in a Rehoboth bookshop, I discovered the second work of the writing duo of Lex Thomas (author of Quarantine Book One: The Loners): Quarantine Book Two: The Saints.



NO!  Here’s the likely-spoilery plot: a group of kids from the outside has opened up McKinley, and the students are free to go-until they’re trapped back inside by a group of concerned parents who resume the food drops.  However, the leader of the new kids (who come to be called the Saints, after their school football team), Gates, has other plans.  Discovering the identity of two of the parents, he kidnaps their son and holds him ransom in exchange for new clothes, good food, video games, etc.  It’s a golden age in McKinley.  The gangs are still fighting each other, but at least they can do so in relative luxury.  Meanwhile, David is presumed dead, while Will and Lucy disband the Loners and join new gangs.  But eventually, it all sort of comes crumbling down.  Sort of.

The book is certainly superior to the first one, which had a rushed third act and some ideas that should have really been expanded on.  This book trips up occasionally, but builds on more ideas, shows us new stuff, and gives us an idea of what’s going on outside, which is arguably worse than inside McKinley.  I particularly liked the character of Gates, a party god and born leader.  It’s a darn shame the inevitable go-evil thing happens.  The ending is also a bit predicable, though most of the book had me torn as to whether or not SPOILERS David was in fact dead.  Actually, this book had me torn on a lot of things.  So, pros:

  • Expansion on lots of things I wanted to see expanded on.
  • Gates was a very likable character.
  • A great send-off to the first book’s main villain.
  • A puzzling and intriguing ending.
  • One of the funniest scenes I’ve ever read.  It made me almost laugh out loud.


  • Throws Gates off to the side, which to me at least, was a MAJOR sin.
  • Very predictable ending.

I give Quarantine Book Two: The Saints an 8 1/2 out of 10.  While there were still some plot and character hiccups, the series has become more polished and more creative, not to mention having even more creativity and, dare I say it, charm.  Recommended.


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