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September 8, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

The Mom That Played Elastigirl

This is probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed.  My mother, who constantly praises games like Minecraft for being generally peaceful but still fun, had up until this point steadfastly refused to play the games she was apparently loving.  Not anymore.  With her and dad’s approval, we got that Disney-riding-the-Skylanders-train game Disney Infinity.  And we persuaded her to play it, give it a shot, prove she wasn’t a hypocrite.  So Eli made her a gamer profile on our Xbox, and we gave it a shot.

After a couple attempts to get the intro to start (a charming but unbelievably condescending interactive montage), we finally got both Eli (who was playing as Mr. Incredible) and Mom (playing as Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible’s wife, making the whole thing rather awkard) into the world.  They decided to play the story.  I, meanwhile, was assisting Mom mainly as tech support for the controller.  We started out with a bang, as Syndrome showed up at the scene of the imprisonment of three supervillains.  He freed them and knocked the couple back a bit.  While teaching Mom the basics of the camera (her number-one problem with the entire hour-long playthrough), the two wandered through the wreckage of the dock area.  Mom keeps accidentally running into massive fires, and dies repeatedly as a result.  So far, not so good.

This was basically her.

However, once they make it out of the wreckage, Edna Mode helpfully informs them (via that omnipresent radio that’s everywhere from here to Borderlands) that they ought to help out local authorities.  The two of them respond by repeatedly climbing up a crane-thing and jumping from shipping container to shipping container, falling into the sea (a universal kids game death sentence) again and again.  Mom starts to “rage” about here, but they soon enough make it out, smiling.  As they start to fight some huge robots, a trend starts to occur: spousal abuse.

More often than actually fighting the robots, they somehow wind up hitting each other.  This has all three of us dying laughing, and it didn’t stop.  The rest of the time was spent either attempting to climb buildings, killing robots, and hitting each other more, all to the soundtrack of our (mostly me and Eli’s) laughter.  Now, granted, at the end they unlocked a training area.  Mom was unable to locate said training area, so Eli grabbed a sweet car and showed her the way.  And hitting everyone.  This is literally the closest thing Disney has ever created to Grand Theft Auto.

Something like that, yeah.

Mom started learning some neat moves, since she’s freaking ELASTIGIRL, and Eli continued to drive around the area like a madman.  All in all, we had some great laughs (I literally had tears in my eyes, marking the second or third time Disney has made me cry), Mom enjoyed the game, and now we can step it up to the next level.  MINECRAFT.  Maybe another day.  We can still call her a n00b, right?

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