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October 12, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

Some Final Thoughts Before Sunday

So, The Walking Dead season four premieres tomorrow.  And after a steady (read: wonky) schedule of binge-watching season three on Netflix, I have both seen every episode and am prepared for anyone to die.  Except for Carl.  LET CARL LIVE.

So he killed a guy?  So what?

Oh, right: SPOILER ALERT.  So, this season surprised me, even though I already knew most of the twists and turns it was going to take.  I was surprised at how much I liked certain episodes and how much I have come to hate Rick.  No, wait, I already hated him.  A lot.  But that isn’t the point.  Anyway, this season, out of the three so far, might just be my favorite, although the first two had some very good moments.  Season three moved really, really well.  While watching it, I could barely tell how many episodes were going by.  Whether that says more about the show or more about my attention span, though, I couldn’t tell you.

I can say one thing, though: I liked “Clear” a bit less than I thought I would.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was a great episode.  It just wasn’t as good in the parts that it was trying to be the best with.  Basically, the plot is this (and I’m assuming you’re caught up with me here): Rick, Carl, and Michonne head back to the home of the Grimes family in King County to look for guns and ammo, when they get held up by Morgan Jones, who Rick met in episode one.  Things aren’t going well for Morgan.  For one thing, his son’s dead, at his walker mother’s hands, and he’s also taken his obsession with Bill from The Last of Us to the extreme.

Somewhere, there is fan fiction between Carl and Ellie.  I shall make it my mission to find it.  Update: I found it.

However, while Rick and Morgan try to reconcile after, y’know, Morgan lost it, Carl and Michonne go looking for a few things.  Specifically,  a crib for Judith, and a picture of the Grimes family, also for Judith.  Well, okay, Carl goes looking for those things.  Michonne tries to stop him, and the two wind up working together to get the picture.  It is hands-down one of my favorite subplots in the show’s history, if only because it brings together two of my favorite characters.  It also allows for some cute comic relief.  But I just wasn’t all that interested in Morgan and Rick’s chit-chat.  No, my favorite episode is the penultimate one, “This Sorrowful Life”.

The Governor, in the previous (and also good) episode “Arrow on the Doorpost”, made a deal with Rick-give him Michonne (who had taken one of his eyes out and also killed his walker daughter who he kept around because he’s a closet psycho like that) and they stand down.  Nobody else has to die, and the prison group can do as they like.  Seems like a good deal, except that Rick is rather hesitant.  So Merle Dixon, older brother of the apparent messiah Daryl, kidnaps her and decides to take her to Woodbury to stop the inevitable war.  This doesn’t go very well.  Merle winds up dead, Michonne goes back to the prison, and it’s off we go to war.  But Merle and Michonne’s interaction was both interesting and tense, for two reasons.

  1. Merle was working against the prison with the Governor.
  2. Merle is, to put it lightly, a total racist.

But by the end of the episode, I actually found myself, dare I say it, liking the guy.  He was no angel, he still killed people and such, but at the very least, he clearly cared, if only because his little brother did.  Another great episode was “Welcome to the Tombs”, the season finale.  The Governor mounts a final attack on the prison, and winds up killing just about every single one of his own people, because they chickened out after only one of them had died.  But what I love about it is Carl.  Carl actually kills one of the Woodbury people, leaving Rick and Hershel to wonder if it was justified, since the kid was probably about to put his weapon down.


His name was Jody.  I am not making that up.

I personally think that maybe it was justified, but time will tell if this affects Carl.  Who am I kidding, it totally will.  Carl turns full-adult here, despite the fact that he’s my age.  At the very end of the episode, Rick and a couple others bring back a bus full of the people left at Woodbury, mostly the old, injured, and young children.  This excites me, since we really are going to be seeing civilization return.  Or they abandon the place in the first couple of episodes.  Either way, I’m pumped for tomorrow.  Also, New York City Comic Con.  That, too.

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