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October 14, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

The Walking Review: 30 Days Without An Accident

Forty minutes or so before the show…

Omigosh I am fangirling right now!  Eeeeeep!  No, really, I am very excited.  If you read the post below (recently updated with Carl Grimes/Ellie fanfiction), then you know I finished watching the show yesterday.  Also, we went to New York Comic Con and had a pretty darn fun time (We saw Amy Mebberson again, I played Civilization V: Brave New World, and discovered the majesty of both Muppets/TWD crossover sketches and TWD air freshener).  But I will also be watching the premiere of The Walking Dead season four TONIGHT AT NINE.  Just wanted to get that over with.  The first episode is “30 Days Without An Accident”, and I shall be reviewing it!  So let’s patiently wait for it to actually come on!

After the show…

WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED.  I’m sorry, but I shall do my darndest to keep the spoilers to a minimum.  The episode mainly revolves around the prison, at least a few months after the final showdown with the Woodbury forces.  The remaining citizens of Woodbury, along with some miscellaneous people who got lucky, have joined the prison group, and they have turned it into a self-sustaining (for the most part) fortified settlement.  They’re farming, they have a ruling council instead of the Ricktatorship, it’s generally quite nice.  Even Beth has a boyfriend!

There’s also a subplot about Daryl, Michonne, the new character Bob, and Beth’s boyfriend going on a supply run.  Things go further south than you might expect, and it brought back some bad memories involving leaking bathrooms on the second floor.  That was not fun.  Anyway, there’s also a bit near the end about a character I was liking, Patrick (I want to be Carl in the zombie apocalypse, but I’ll probably wind up being Patrick), who may end up screwing everyone over.  Again, no real spoilers.

It wasn’t a perfect episode, nothing is.  I wasn’t necessarily fond of the supply run subplot, and I wanted to smack some of the kids at the prison WHY WOULD YOU GIVE WALKERS NAMES YA LITTLE point made.  However, I really liked Beth in this episode, which is weird, since I’m not a Greene person.  Dime a dozen, those folks.  Except for Maggie.  She seemed genuinely hardened, actually keeping up a schedule of how long it’s been since the last person died (hence the title), and not crying when NO SPOILERS I SAY NOTHING.  Chandler Riggs is great as Carl, as always, and Carol is also getting better as a character.  She has a good sort-of-monologue in the opening that really shows how used to life these people are, using terms like “buildup” when referring to walkers and whatnot.

Overall, 30 Days Without An Accident is a strong opener to the season.  It introduces new ideas and character arcs, develops existing ones really well, and provides me with new fodder now that Andrea’s dead.  Okay, fine, that’s a spoiler.  But you risked that when you decided to read this, so you have only yourself to blame.  I give 30 Days Without An Accident an 8.5/10.  It’s subplot isn’t great (although it was HILARIOUS at times, albeit unintentionally), but it gives us more than enough to get excited about.

Hardened Beth is hardened.

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