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October 28, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

The Walking Review: Isolation

Less than half an hour before the show…

Okay, just to review: Patrick’s death and reanimation led to several lost lives.  There’s a sort of plague going through the prison that is fatal, and several people, including Tyreese’s girlfriend Karen, are put into isolation.  However, when Tyreese goes to deliver a present to Karen, he finds bloodstains on her and another person’s pillow, and when he follows the mother of all blood trails outside, he finds two charred corpses-Karen’s and the other guy whose name I’m not going to bother to look up.  Incidentally, I saw a fan theory that says Carl did it.  I’m willing to believe it, since he had access to gas cans and a motivation-to protect Judith.  Noble cause?  I don’t know, but SPOILERS BE HERE MATEYS.

After the show…

WHAT.  WAS.  THAT.  To be fair, that’s my reaction to most episodes, but in this case, it’s more justified than in most.  The prison is probably a lost cause at this point.  By the end of the episode, Glenn, Sasha, and so many others are sick and therefore probably dead.  And since just about everyone has at least conversed with just about everyone, it’s either some folks are immune or all folks are dead.

Funny, I thought Revolution was the show referencing The Stand the most!

Not only that, but everyone, particularly Tyreese, wants to know who did Karen and David (okay, I looked it up) in.  And, like in the comic (sort of), he beats Rick up over it.  But there are bigger fish to fry, as it turns out, and while I knew it was coming, that did not diminish its epicness:


This isn’t the first herd of walkers we’ve seen in the show, but it is BY FAR the largest.  And it menaces a supply run of Daryl, Michonne, Bob Stookey, and Tyreese.  That, coupled with the revelation as to who killed Karen and David, AND a mysterious radio transmission, made for an episode whose epicness cannot be contained in one review alone.  Basically, I drop-dead LOVED this episode.  It might just become season four’s Made To Suffer, which, if you caught my wrap-up of season three, is my favorite episode of that season, and one of my favorite of the entire series.  But for entirely different reasons.  While Made To Suffer was fantastic because of how much it made me like Merle, this episode succeeds on plot.  Other than that, not a whole lot of development, except, once again, on the Carol Front.  Which is not the nicest of fronts.  Like always, I find myself not liking Carol a whole lot, despite my feeling sorry for her because Sophia.

Overall, this was easily the best episode so far this season  Great pacing, great plot, INCREDIBLE walker herd, radio, revelations, and Tyreese has the best of all walker fights.  Isolation earns a 9.5.  Not perfect, and I still don’t like Carol, but by R’hllor, was it something!

Ending on an appropriate cover will now be my thing.


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