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November 4, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

The Walking Review: Indifference

About an hour before the show…

Family, Duty, Honor, SPOILERS.

To recap: the plague has overtaken the prison almost entirely.  Over half of the people (probably a lot more) are in the quarantine area, and Hershel is risking his life to deliver tea like some suicidal British Clara Barton.  As a last hope, Tyreese, Bob, Daryl, and Michonne (Why both Daryl AND Michonne?  They’re two of the most capable fighters!  One or the other!) go out to a local university to look for potential medicine.  On the way, they encounter the Jaime-lovin’ biggest herd of walkers to date, and are forced to abandon their car and head into the wilderness.  And also, of course, we learn who killed and cremated Karen and David in an attempt to keep the plague from spreading.  I thought it was Carl, but it turns out that I was one letter off.  Carol gone done it.  Isolation was a drop-dead-and-reanimate fantastic episode, easily the best so far in the season.  Can this episode beat it?  We.  Shall.  See.

After the show…

Whoo!  Well, I can confidently say that things will be heating up once Rick and Tyreese get back!  Okay, so the supply run goes partially south.  Walkers, chase, the usual.  But we also get to know that Bob was an alcoholic, which leads to some tensions between him and Daryl because the last thing you want in the apocalypse is someone risking their neck for some booze.  But that storyline isn’t developed or anything, and it’s basically just more Tyreese being depressed because Karen’s dead and Sasha is sick.  Can’t blame him, but you were awesome back there with the hammer of Thor!  Wake up!

Why write it on there?  And why in English?

So, anyway, the big story is that Rick and Carol go out on a separate supply run.  The two of them run into two more people.  Rick and Carol then risk those guy’s necks on a supply run, and yeah, we’ve reached the purported Cycle of Infinite Supply Runs.  Anyway, (again, SPOILERS AHEAD), one winds up dead and the other goes missing, leading Rick and Carol to have one final standoff.  Rick is understandably  very angry at Carol for the whole murder-for-plague-stoppage thing that didn’t work in the end, and Carol is not the least bit apologetic.  I get that #WeAllChange, but some things can’t, and shouldn’t be, forgiven.

Honestly, this is easily as good as Isolation, but for COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASONS.  While Isolation was excellent because of story, this was great because of Rick and Carol.  Actually, it was great because of the characters and dialogue in general.  The two newbies were good while they lasted, and those final five or seven minutes… jeez!  It inspires internal dialogue, actual dialogue, just a general examination of what is right and wrong in the apocalypse… it is INCREDIBLE.  And the final images are just a kick to the gut, and I can’t be bothered to think about anything else right now.  Well, mostly, I still have to breathe.

So, yeah… HOLY WOWZA.  While the Tyreese-gets-depressed storyline was tolerable but unimpressive, the Carol and Rick was undeniably one of the best… just, ANY interactions between characters I’ve ever seen in the show.  That’s counting Michonne and Carl in Clear and Michonne and Merle in Made To Suffer.  9.5, easy.  EASILY.  Just… wow.  It will be incredible to top this.  I dare ya.

Carol’s final issue.  Thought it fitting.

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