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November 11, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

The Walking Review: Internment

Roughly twenty minutes before the show…

Frankly my dear, there will be SPOILERS

So, here’s what happened: On two separate supply runs, we learned two things: Bob Stookey, the only definitely uninfected doctor, is an alcoholic, because when the world ends, you’re going to want some booze to keep you company.  And that Carol has become indifferent to everything, especially she killed Karen and David.  Because of that, Rick declares her a danger to herself and others (mostly others) and kicks her out of the group, giving her a car, a gas can, and probably some other supplies that could have been better used for the sick people, or the non-psychotic ones.  Oh, Carol and Rick met two other survivors, one of whom is without a doubt dead and the other most likely never to be seen again.  Then again, Merle.  Let’s go!

After the show…

o_O is all that I can say.  Remember how last week I said that I wanted to know how they could possibly top Indifference?  Guess what?  THEY FREAKING TOPPED IT.  BY A MILE.  Okay, so both groups (or, well, one group and Rick) get back, but at completely different times.  Hershel is still caring for the sick, and both Sasha and Glen are among them.  The episode revolves around one thing: all of the you-know-what hitting all of the fans.  The dead sick people reanimate and threaten everyone’s lives.  Glen is going into that phase of the sickness where you either live or die, and he seems to be leaning towards the latter.  And a very large group of walkers is threatening to knock down the fence and destroy all of the things.  So this is all well and good, but how do they wrap this up?  In one of the most mind-smashingly epic anything I’ve ever seen in an apocalypse… anything!  That includes the nuking of Vegas, that includes Yonkers, that includes… just… Jesus.  This was incredible.

You topped THIS.  THIS.

The episode starts out pretty unassumingly, so much that you may as well call it Stagnation, which would also be a pretty decent title if you want to mislead the audience.  Hershel is still caring for the sick, of which there are legion.  At this point, only Maggie is real guard/fighter left in the prison, so she’s got that burden to bear along with a father in the sick ward, a little sister in the administrative office quarantine area, and a sick boyfriend.  But the episode’s strengths come in the last twenty-five minutes or so.  Rick returns, the sick reanimate, and the part of the fence under siege collapses at last.  Leading Rick and Carl to do the only sane, rational thing when you’re confronted by dozens upon dozens of walkers.

Oh, yeah.

And so Carl and his stuff-and-thaaangs father fend off the small herd with nothing but resilience and a couple of high-powered assault rifles (sadly, not to the tune of AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill”), which honestly aren’t very good anti-zombie weapons.  Just a waste of ammo.  But anyway, with the help of the meds nearly sacrified for Jack Daniels, Glen survives his dance with the devil for the time being, and Sasha looks okay, too.  Sure, a couple of people died when the sick reanimated, but they weren’t even named!  To my knowledge, anyway.  And then, just as things are getting back to normal, the most inevitable thing in the show’s history, but the #1 thing I DID NOT EXPECT, short of Dr. Manhattan showing up and dancing the can-can, happens…  oh, come on.  If you have even the slightest familiarity with the show, you know what happened.  You know who that was in that last shot.

So, yeah.  They topped it.  With flying colors.  Don’t get me wrong, Indifference was FANTASTIC, and easily the episode that toyed with my inner thoughts the most (in the entire series), but this just… EPIC.  10/10s all around!

File:Oliphaunts on the Pelennor.jpeg

Cannot hold a candle.  I am perfectly serious.  Orlando Bloom included.

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