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November 18, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

The Walking Review: Live Bait

Over an hour before the show…

It was a pleasure to SPOILERS!

So… last night, things simultaneously seemed to take a turn for the better and for the worse.  Mostly worse, since this is that kind of show.  The dead sick folks in the quarantine cell block reanimated, and killed one person, thankfully unnamed.  Hershel managed to take them all out, but among the sick (and dead, now) was one of the prison’s doctors, Caleb I’m-Not-Even-Going-To-Try-To-Pronounce-His-Last-Name.  Glenn was sick, but some emergency care saved his life, meaning that we will most likely have to wait for Negan before he bites the dust.  If you read the comics, you know what I mean.  Sasha also seems to be doing okay, while Rick and Carl took on a small herd of walkers with nothing but each other and a couple of high-powered AR-15s.  But now someone has returned, in probably the most shocking moment of the season (for me, at least) so far-the return of the Guvna.

Let off some steam, Tyreese.

After the show…

That was a good one.  Granted, it wasn’t the morality play that Indifference was, or the epic showdown that Internment was (incidentally, this ends the four-episode streak of episode titles that start with I), but it was a well-rounded episode.  We have plenty of character, some gory walker kills, and some awesome folk/alternative music (Ben Nichols’s The Last Pale Light In the West is the tune of the day).

So, the Governor, after slaughtering almost his entire army, is on the road with two of his most loyal men.  Who promptly abandon him, making him go even more off the rails on a crazy train.  He burns most of Woodbury, and wanders around for a while with a burly beard, before meeting up with four people in an apartment: two young women, an old man with lung cancer, and Penny 2.0.  He actually tries to be a good person, going hunting for oxygen tanks for the old man, and actually being nice to the Penny 2.0.  Finally, after the death of the old man, the remaining four go out on the road in an RV, where Guvna and Penny 2.0. are threatened by a small group of walkers after they stumble into a perfectly geometrical pit, with a few walkers inside.  The Governor goes all Boondock Saints on them (which is, to say, kills them with improvised stuff), and is discovered by Martinez, one of the men who abandoned him.


This episode was just overall good.  The acting was good, the writing was good, and I could really feel the brutal desperation at times, like that fight scene in the walker trap.  But it wasn’t an episode that really threw anything new at me.  Yes, it’s the Governor being a good person, but that’s not particularly shocking, he probably was going to have a redemption storyline at SOME point.  The old man was probably going to die, the little girl is meant to be like Penny, the Governor’s daughter.  Really, the only surprise in the entire episode was Martinez showing up at the end, which didn’t exactly blow my mind or anything.  It was an episode that generally played it safe, and while it was good, and probably more realistic than shooting up a herd of walkers, it didn’t captivate me like the last couple of episodes.  I give Live Bait a 7/10.  Nothing special, but still a solid episode.

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