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December 2, 2013 / milesandhisfavorites

The Walking Review: Too Far Gone


An hour before the show…

After murdering Martinez, then his successor, then convincing the next successor to give the reins over to him, the Governor has finally assumed control of the camp.  With a new army and a freaking tank, the mid-season finale is poised to give us an epic showdown between the prison and the camp.  Who will live?  Who will die?  Will the Governor snap again and kill everyone?  AGAIN?  Eh, probably not, but the odds are decent that the group will have to abandon the prison after this.  There’s only so much one prison can take after two attacks.

After the show…

*muffles tears* Just… just… holy… *muffles tears*  ALL OF THE THINGS DIED.  Well, not all, but they pretty much all died.  At the very least, nobody can live in that prison anymore.  So, anyway… what happened?  Well, the Governor’s camp (save the Governor’s paramour Tara and the Penny 2.0., Meghan, and probably anyone else who can’t fight) take Hershel and Michonne hostage, and show up at the gates, demanding that Rick’s folks leave so they can move in.  And they have a tank, so there’s that.

Wrong tank.

So, the prison and the camp are at a standoff.  Meanwhile, while playing in some red clay down by the river and being way too far from Tara to be safe, Megan encounters a walker buried in the clay.  And, yeah… we’re going to need a Penny 3.0.  With Meghan dead, the Governor is poised to completely fall apart, mentally.  But no time for that as of yet!  After Rick gives a speech suggesting that they all live together, the Governor simply whispers “Liar”, and then…

R.I.P. Hershel Greene

The Governor hacks Hershel’s head off, prompting a shootout even more tense and epic than Internment’s.  Then, when the Governor is confronted with Meghan’s death, he shoots her himself, and orders a full advance.  Including the tank’s, which promptly blows the everything out of everything.  Bob gets shot (but lives), the two little girls Carol James Wesley Rawle-ed into hardcore not nice people actually do some killing, and Daryl stuffs a grenade down the barrel of the tank at the end, providing a much smaller explosion than would probably actually happen.  Rick sneaks up behind the Governor and begins to beat the everything out of him, but Sir Eyepatch manages to get him in a stranglehold, and almost kills him.  ALMOST.  Until…

Okay, you can rot in the bad place.

…Michonne comes up from behind and gives him a sword through the torso.  She does NOT, however, brain him, because let’s not give him a kind quick death.  Lily does that, followed by someone stepping on a chess king with an eyepatch drawn on it.  Not kidding.  Not gonna lie, it was some pretty dumb symbolism.  And THEN, once it’s been confirmed that Carl is alive, we find the empty seat that Judith was in.  It’s also a pretty bloody seat.  I know Kirkman can sink low, but… THIS IS LOW.  Well, maybe the Rather Stupid But Temporarily Awesome Children took her off to a nice farm, and… yeah, odds are she’s dead.  *buries head in hands*  Rick and Carl support each other as they sob and stagger away from the now-overrun prison, closing out the last episode of The Walking Dead of 2013.

This episode… yeezus.

By comparison, THIS was a video of three fat Pomskys gleefully trotting around.

But… it’s exactly what you’d expect from this show.  A realistically action-packed mid-season finale, with plenty of deaths and gore, with an ending that punches you in the gut repeatedly.

Example A.

Example B.

This episode killed me.  I’ll still watch the show, and I’ll of course recover from this.  But it’s a punch in the gut that will have you screaming at the television, and it’s a fine example of how this show can be truly amazing.  This is a 9.5.  It’s not truly epic, or perfect (the beginning isn’t all that great) but it’s the perfect reminder that nobody is safe.


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