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January 1, 2014 / milesandhisfavorites

Resolutions I Can Actually (Try To) Follow

Less than an hour until 2014.  It’s been a decent year, although it’s been marred by some personal issues related to stress and heartbreak that we need not discuss here.  I started reading (and finished, and got addicted to beyond logical reason) George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, I volunteered at the National Zoo for two weeks, I got retweeted by Wil Wheaton and favorited by Mara Wilson (Is it sad that those were some highlights?  I don’t really care.), and other such things.  I made friends, lost loves, and decided that hey, just because Daenerys stands up to her abusive brother doesn’t automatically make her a good person.  And, like most people going into the new year, I have some resolutions.  These, unlike going to the gym every week or the like, I will make a good attempt to keep, especially since I kind of want to.  

1. When I want to binge-watch something on Netflix, actually binge-watch it.  Don’t just watch a few episodes and give up.  Actually, I’m already pretty on top of this.  I’ve spent the last week or so plowing my way through two seasons of Scandal, and I’ve got nine episodes to go.  Also, my somewhat skewed moral compass leads me to despise Olivia Pope.  I’m sorry, but if she (SPOILERS) rigged an election, defends torturers and murderers, and bugged a loving couple, I can’t call her a good person.  It’s like with the Gallagher Girls.

2. Finish the Gallagher Girls series.  And the Heist Society series.  I’m convinced that teen spy/thief writer Ally Carter can actually write decently.  But, Ally, Ally, Ally, can you pretty please give me characters  that my aforementioned moral compass can accept as the good guys!  Or at least have some genuine moral discussions on the fact that, if I ever hacked Gallagher Academy, I would make Edward Snowden’s revelations look like the work of a snotty teacher’s pet.  Despite this, I am desperately determined to read the rest of the books.  If she can make me like Cammie, Bex, and Liz (I consider Macey the tiniest bit redeemable, at least in the first book), then she will have accomplished a feat worthy of the gods.

3. Read the Wild Cards books.  This series is LONG.  Like, 15 books or more long.  And they have a massive cast.  And are told from a variety of viewpoints.  And yes, all the books were at least edited by George R.R. Martin.  Then again, if I can get my hands on a copy of the first book, that’ll be a little miracle.  Then again, it makes Watchmen look like the 60’s Batman show.  I’m not sure I even want to tackle that level of grittiness.

4. Watch some dumb movies.  Specifically, those of the 80’s action movie variety.  I’ve watched a bit of The Running Man and around half of Terminator 2, but I feel like I need to unwind from my never-ending criticism.  And what better way to do that than watch Snake Plissken run around alongside an idiotically oversized Statue of Liberty head, after New York was attacked by-wait, Cloverfield WASN’T a prequel to Escape From New York?  That was just a poster?  Whatever you say, voice of rationality.  Now shut up, “Long Tall Sally” is playing.

5. Don’t get so jealous.  This one is going to be the hardest to keep.  I have a tendency to get jealous of just about anyone.  My cousin is insanely good at choreography and kicked butt at Pippin (featuring the most ungrateful main character of all time, and yes, he probably WAS a hunchback)?  I’m jealous of her skill and her school’s level of funding.  Elizabeth has more cities than I do in Civilization V?  I’m jealous (even if she’ll never win that cultural victory).  Those are two completely different things, but I have a feeling of dread and hatred about both.  And that NEEDS to stop, because ultimately, it will always look like they have better lives than I do.  But know what the Trimurti is, and it is one of my favorite philosophical concepts ever!  And they probably don’t!  Okay, there’s a difference between not being jealous and being a bit too self-righteous.

And those are my resolutions!  Will I follow them!  At least I’ll get better at binge-watching and try to forgive the Morgans for their presumed crimes against humanity.  My jealousy problem probably won’t be going away any time soon, at least with the advent of social media.  But cousin Becca blocked me on Twitter, so that might help.  Happy New Year to all, and to all a good… new year!  Hope I can write more often here.  Oh, right, I actually am doing some writing on  The name is EKHornbeck (my favorite cinematic character of all time).  Be wary, though.  My cathartic stories may not be for the faint of heart.

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