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February 17, 2014 / milesandhisfavorites

The Walking Review: Inmates

Less than two hours before the show…

Not a whole lot happened last time.  Carl and Rick wandered around for a while before shacking up in a suburban household.  Rick went into a coma and Carl screamed at him.  Carl nearly died twice and then indulged in a can of pudding the size of his head.  Meanwhile, Michonne killed a big pack of walkers that had been following her, and the three are finally reunited.  Tonight, however, things are about to get a bit more Irish Catholic vigilante around here as we follow Daryl and Beth on their own endless Georgia odyssey!

After the show…

Oh, yeah.  This was basically the episode of “Hi!  I’m alive!”.  We start out with Daryl and Beth wandering through the forest, looking for survivors.  Daryl is getting really pessimistic, while Beth still wants to hold on to some hope.  Yeaaah, that hasn’t gone so well.  Meanwhile, Lizzie and Mika (who are basically the Robert Arryns of The Walking Dead, and that isn’t a compliment) are also wandering through the forest, but this time they have Tyreese, and more reassuringly, baby Judith!  Yay!  Hearing some screams, Tyreese idiotically leaves the three girls behind.  On their own.  In the zombie-infested woods.

Tyreese comes across two people fighting off zombies.  One guy gets bitten, but the other keeps fighting.  Back among the trees, the three are approached by several zombies, but they are dispatched.  On Tyreese’s end, the second guy gets bitten, but then Lizzie, Mika, and Judith arrive… accompanied by everyone’s favorite heartless pyromaniac (not Trashcan Man), Carol Peletier!  Recovering from his gaping neck wound, the bitten man says that there’s a community of survivors not far.  They leave him to cry, and sure enough, Lizzie and Mika find a sign with a map, marked with routes to a place called Terminus, the most awesome apocalypse community name ever.  Other than Rivet City.

Not THAT Terminus!

In another part of Dzala ertobashia (points if you get it), Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are hanging around.  Maggie decides to go looking for Glenn and the rest of the people who escaped on the prison bus.  She finds the bus… with everyone aboard dead and reanimated.  She kills all of the walkers, but Glenn isn’t among them.  As Maggie breaks down crying, we cut to Glenn, who is back at the prison, trapped on all sides by walkers.  He goes back into the cell block, grabs some riot gear, and heads out into battle.  As he’s making his way through the massive group, he sees Tara, one of the Governor’s soldiers, sitting in the garden, a shell of her former self.  The two band together and get moving, but as they leave, they’re confronted by three people: Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.

There was a lot going on this episode, but it pulled it off really well.  The scenes with Lizzie and Mika were surprisingly well-done, and while I still really don’t like the two, and I think that they’re a ticking time bomb that might have gone off already, they actually had a nice moment or two.  Glenn’s storyline with Tara is really interesting, since they’re from completely opposite groups, and that ending was perfectly timed.  Maggie’s scenes weren’t as interesting, but they still had some impact, and they pulled off the “just separated” feeling the best of everyone’s stories.  Overall, I give “Inmates” an 8.5/10.  Sure, some of the scenes didn’t always work perfectly, but what went well really went well.  I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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