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February 24, 2014 / milesandhisfavorites

The Walking Review: Claimed

An hour and a half before the show…

Last week’s episode was a real doozy.  Maggie, Sasha, and Bob encounter the prison bus, now completely infested with walkers, and the three clear it out.  Daryl and Beth are on the hunt for other survivors.  Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and a miraculously alive baby Judith are on the run, and meet up with Carol.  They then find a map pointing them towards a community called Terminus.  Finally, Glenn grabs some riot gear and escapes the prison with Tara.  As they leave, they meet three new characters: Rosita Espinosa, Dr. Eugene Porter, and Sgt. Abraham Ford!  It was an awesome episode, and I’m incredibly interested to see how things to from here.

After the show…

Eeeeh… not the best episode.  Granted, it had its moments, and it was brilliantly tense throughout, but overall there’s just not much to say.  Rick, Carl, and Michonne are camped out at the house they had been staying in last time we saw them.  Carl and Michonne head out on a supply run while Rick gets some much-needed shuteye aaand these people are stupid.  Okay, sending two people on a supply run to a nearby house makes sense.  They can cover each other and all that.  But then having the one remaining person just take a nap?  No!  You don’t do that!  And sure enough, some guys come in and kill someone for… some reason.  Rick, intelligently, decides to hide under the bed, and then one of the guys lies on it.  Joy.

Google Images brought up too many creepypastas, so I leave you with this.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Tara are riding in the back of the Abrahamobile, after witnessing Abraham massacre a bunch of walkers earlier in the episode.  They call out for the truck to stop, and they all get out.  Abraham explains that the three of them are on a mission.

Hit it.

That mission is to get Eugene to Washington D.C. so he can connect with his government bosses and hopefully bring this whole thing to an end, since Eugene was involved in the creation of the virus.  And everyone who read the comic rolled their eyes.  Anyway, when Abraham says that Glenn won’t ever see his wife again, the two fight, and in the chaos, some walkers are attracted.  While the five of them manage to kill them all, Eugene’s rapid gunfire ruptures the Abrahamobile’s gas tank.  Ultimately, the five decide to walk to D.C.

After witnessing a strangling and committing another one, Rick manages to escape the house and get away with Carl and Michonne.  As they walk down some railroad tracks later, they see something on a train car that points in a direction.  They decide to follow those directions.  As the episode ends, the camera pans back to reveal it was a sign leading to Terminus, the same place that the Furious Five (Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith) were headed when we saw them last.

Honestly, this was a very underwhelming episode, compared to what I was expecting (an interesting study of the two new groups of five as they explored these new concepts), but I’m satisfied.  What I didn’t expect was how freaking tense this episode would be.  There’s a scene where Michonne is exploring an abandoned house, and I was expecting something to jump out at her.  But nothing did, and it instead led to a silent, really emotional shot of two dead kids and their mother, in a mercy kill/murder/suicide.  That left a mark.  Rick’s stealth venture through the house was interesting, if reliant on every one of the home invaders being completely blind.

And given a lot of stealth sequences I watch for entertainment, that says something.

And while it’s not all I wanted, Abraham and company’s interaction with Glenn and Tara is pretty good.  So, overall, this episode was like waking up to find your dad had gotten fresh bagels, but they were all out of chocolate chip so you have to settle for cinnamon raisin.  Still edible, and it’s a decent breakfast if you slather on enough margarine, but still not all you hoped for, and when did I turn into Ben Croshaw?  Regardless, I give Claimed a 7.  It was tense, and it held my interest, but it’s far from what I expected, given the big revelations last week.

Note to self: never do a Google Images search for “claimed” ever again.


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