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Natural History

Ever thought a lawn mower-like dinosaur could exist?  In the 1950s, a new dinosaur was discovered in the Sahara region of Africa.  It was named Nigersaurus taqueti by Dr. Paul Sereno in 1999.  But the discovery this year?  How Nigersaurus ate.  Remember when I said “lawn mower-like dinosaur?”  Well, I meant it.  Nigersaurus had a very wide jaw, like a vacuum cleaner.  This picture shows a model of Nigersaurus’ head:

Nigersaurus was a sauropod like Diplodocus and Seismosaurus.  Which means it ate plants.  Well, it went along the ground, with its head down, sucking food up into its big jaw like a vacuum cleaner!   

This picture was taken at the National Geographic Society’s exhibition about this dino. This link is to a press release about the discovery and the exhibit. The exhibit includes a skeleton of the Nigersaurus and another discovered African Pterosaur.  There are many more dinosaurs to discover.  Who knows? Maybe you will discover one someday!

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