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Field Trip Adventure One: China

Welcome to China.  I hope you had a great flight.  My travel book tells you all about this amazing country. 

Miles’s Travel Guide to China

China is located in Asia, one of the seven continents on our planet.  Here is a picture of where China is located:

Let’s zoom in. 

Well, that should give us a dragon’s eye view.  China is a third largest country in the world.  China has the biggest population in the world – 1,320,404,023.  Holy cow, that’s a lot of people! 

Now let’s focus on one of China’s most popular and biggest landmarks of all time — The Great Wall of China!  The Great Wall of China was built thousands of years ago by the emperor of China and his army of slaves.  Here’s a Fun Fact: The emperor ordered himself to be buried with over 6,000 life size clay soldiers, each one slightly different.  Probably made them to look like his real army, eh?  Here’s a picture of the Great Wall of China:

Now it’s time to celebrate!  The Chinese New Year comes in February.  They have very big festivals and fireworks.  Here’s another Fun Fact:  The Chinese invented fireworks, wheelbarrows, even paper kites!  But the most popular part of the Chinese New Year is Lion Dancers.  Here is a picture of a Lion Dancer (don’t get scared when you see it):

Hope you had fun!


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  1. Brandon / Sep 4 2007 8:42 pm

    Hi, Miles,

    This is Daddy. Wasn’t it cool when we saw the lion dancers at the University of Philadelphia during their Chinese New Year’s festival? That picture made me remember what a good time we had.

  2. Susan / Nov 3 2007 8:32 pm

    Hello Miles,

    Great website! Your parents posted it on a blog. My 5 year old was born in Anhui province in China. She enjoyed your China page. She loves science too and we look forward to exploring your blog.

  3. milesandhisfavorites / Mar 28 2009 8:09 pm

    It’s Dad, not Daddy anymore. Please don’t embarass me on my own website.

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